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National Reparations Network
A Big Tent Umbrella to Mobilize a
National Reparations Now Rally
for the Reparations Movement Ecosystem

National Reparations Network
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The National Reparations Network serves as a mobilizing umbrella to plan and execute a “National Reparations Now Rally” in Washington, DC on May 17, 2025, the birth weekend of Malcolm X.  The Rally’s mission is for representatives from all sectors of the Reparations ecosystem to come to Washington and present a list of demands for Reparations Now. 

If you are a reparations organization, reparations ally organization, faith-based, social justice, fraternal, academic, grassroots, professional, philanthropic, corporate or other organization or entity that believes in reparations for Black people in the United States, then endorse the 2025 National Rally and help make it a success.   

National Black Cultural Information Trust, Inc.

International Civil Society Working Group for the UN PFPAD (ICSWG PFPAD)


Restitution Study Group

Solidarity Society

Reparations 4 Slavery

Balanta B’urassa History & Genealogy Society in America

Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination

BlackRoots Alliance

Not In My Name: Reparations Now

African Freedom Fund Treasury

National African American Reparations Commission

Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)

The Taifa Group

Artists & Athletes for Reparations

Reparation Education Project

Palm Springs Section 14 Survivors, Inc.


Tree of Life Child and Family Services

The Joanne M. Braxton Institute for Sustainability, Resiliency and Joy


BLIS Collective


Learning Strategies


National Urban League


- Washington, DC Chapter

Repair40Under40 Initiative

Fund for Reparations Now!!

Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition aka BACC

Seattle Japanese American Citizens League

Reparations NOW podcast

Tsuru for Solidarity

Vermont Racial Justice Alliance

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