Reparations on Fire

How and Why it's Spreading Across America

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Reparations on Fire

Reparations on Fire explores the spread of the reparation movement’s multiple fronts, encompassing the local, national, and international arenas, much of it occurring in 2020 and 2021. What is new? What does the international and national tell us about the local and what does the local tell us about the other two?  Is the reparations movement now starting local and trickling up and out? What about the role of other culpable entities outside of government, such as academic and religious institutions, and corporations, industries, and private estates? 

This book exists because of both the promise and danger of this moment, and because of the rapidly spreading momentum across the country on the issue.

Reparations on Fire describes history in the making. It is part historical analysis, part revolutionary manifesto and part political red-alert. The public must see all the fault lines clearly while there is still time to correct course. Reparations on Fire is proud to bring additional value to the reparations movement as it goes about the necessary tasks of concretizing its goals and objectives.

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